Babywearing & You

Babies are born to be worn; babywearing is a biologically normal tool that mothers have been using for hundreds of years.  The art has traditionally been passed down generations to generation, friend-to-friend, woman-to-woman.

In recent history, especially in our Western culture, this art has been lost.  I knew when I was pregnant I would need to keep my son close, in order for both of us to thrive as we navigated our new journey when he came earth-side.  In 2013 he was born and we started wearing.


 Since then I have gained much knowledge about babywearing.  I established the Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota Babywearers; an active group on Facebook of mothers and caregivers that carry their little ones.  With the help of my additional administrators we coordinate monthly meet ups and offer a local lending library that includes a variety of carrier types and brands.

Serving the Rochester and Southeastern Minnesota Area.

Consultations can take place in your home.
1 on 1 or with a  group of friends.