I Survived…

…traveling alone over Thanksgiving, with a two year old.   People eyeballed me, toddler on my back, no spouse in sight, both hands (free to be) full. We made it through security swiftly, the female TSA agent that guided us through the line was more than impressed. Her praises gave me the boost of confidence to get me on the plane with peace of mind. 

All my usual thoughts about screen time and snacks were thrown to the wind. My toddler consumed about 1 million fruit snacks and 11 applesauce pouches. Countless prayers were whispered in hopes of no meltdowns. 

We made it. The plane landed and no one yelled at us, and momma didn’t cry. It was a thanksgiving miracle. 

A week was spent with loved ones and many missed naps and we did it all over again. And again, we made it. I believe I built it up in my head and likely made it harder on myself. Now I know I am more patient and creative  than I give myself credit for. 

Things I could not have lived without this trip:

  • Didymos size 4 wrap, Orient
  • YL Gentle Baby and En-R-Gee blends
  • 1 million fruit snacks
  • Luna protein bars
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Wrap conversion ring sling
  • iPhone 

I will not likely be getting on a plane alone with my son anytime soon, but I am confident I’d be able to tackle another solo trip in the future. 

 Using our ringlsling to wrangle 2 checked bags from the carousel. 

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