Self-Care Tips from an {ex}Type-A.

Based on the title, you know you’re in for a bullet’d list. You can also assume that I’ve practiced a lot of self care, maintaining all those lists can be stressful. As I’ve gained experience in recognizing my own stressors and coping mechanisms; I’ve learned to say “yes” less, to just close doors to messy rooms more often, and that sometimes it’s ok if ice cream (or coffee!) is the answer.


The self care practices found below have served me well.

This can be a line a day, kept in a note on your phone. Five, 10, 45 minutes, doodles, poems, reflections. It’s yours. Putting your thoughts into words on a surface has a way of lifting a load off your heart and casting worries off your mind. If you’re are searching for a self care regime, start here.

🌸Essential Oils
More knowledge about use is required here but there are many great resources available when it comes to using EO.  All one needs to experience the benefits without much worry is lemon, peppermint and lavender.  These 3 oils are my first recommendations to anyone who is interested in EO. Lemon is energizing, peppermint is clarifying and lavender is relaxing.

🌸Quite time
Taking a five minute tap out when your spouse gets home, ringing a babysitter for an hour and a half to attend a fitness class, catching a cup of coffee with a friend, watching an episode of Parks & Rec in the basement with popcorn…see, another list. I try to get quiet time each week.  I personally, get the biggest and most immediate relief from this type of self care.

As the holiday season approaches, make sure to carve time for yourself into that busy schedule.  You are more likely to enjoy the family and friends you are spending time with if you are your best self.

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