Find Me On Rochester MN Mom Blog!

I have to share something I am very excited about! I have been chosen as a contributor for Rochester Minnesota Moms Blog. This is a newly founded local resource for parents in the Rochester area. We are a group of 17 contributors from all walks of life that have a heart for moms and families. We launch on October 7!

 We recently had our first contributor meeting, hosted by Grand Rounds Brewpub in their private meeting room playfully dubbed “The Blind Pig”. The room is sultry and intimate, perfect for a small party or special meeting. The food was delicious with many gluten free options. James, our server, was a winning combination of attentive and entertaining without being interruptive or overbearing.

This was my first time meeting many of the fellow mommy bloggers. This group of special women embraced each other in a refreshing way. I could feel the Holy Spirit in our presence that night. I am cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this team. Our founder, Becky, has it right. There is a lack of resource such as this in our community. I cannot wait to see what changes and inspirations we are able to bring.

You will be able to see my posts on the blog after our launch. For now follow us on Facebook and get to know the contributor team!

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