REVIEW: Arc’s Value Village Personal Shopper Experience

If you are not familiar with Arc’s Value Village: they offer a {FREE} service with professional stylists for their shoppers.  There are 5 retail locations across the Twin Cities Metro area.  I have frequently visited the Bloomington and Richfield locations, this was my first time at the St. Paul location.  I tried for months to score a slot with the stylists! I recommend following Michelle on Facebook or Instagram for notification regarding available consultations. I may or may not have stalked her IG in order to get this slot.

How it goes down:
-After you have booked your consultation you will receive a link to your custom Thrift Style Profile.
-Fill out the Style Profile, go into as much detail as you can about your current style and your goal/what you want to achieve from participation. I went as far as to include links to my Pinterest Style Board and Instagram so Michelle could get an overall sense of my style.
-Show up and be amazed! Your stylist will have your fitting room ready; shoes and accessories laid out to try on with the RACK full of items picked just for you.  I was shocked by the sheer amount of GREAT, on-point pieces I had to choose from.


She posts fun teasers on Instagram and then let’s her followers see the final (successful) results.

Take a look at my haul!
Shown above (left to right): Loft jean shorts, Top Shop kimono, Anne Taylor blouse, Anthropologie shoes, Gap chambray shirt, TWO vintage skirts, Gap tee, Mattie M skirt, Banana Republic statement necklace and a vintage leather clutch.

My favorite part was seeing all the choices; things I would not pick for myself or put together in an outfit, having someone else’s professional perspective on the things I know (or think) I love. The appointment was about 90 minutes, maybe a little less.  It was perfect — long enough to play with mix and match outfits but not so long that it left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.  There was no pressure to buy anything (even though I wanted to buy everything!).

In my opinion, this service is very valuable to Arc’s Value Village and would love if more thrift shops followed suite.  My least favorite part is going to be waiting 90 days before I can do it again!  Your pocketbook and your closet with thank you, go check this service out!

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