4 Reasons Why Momma Needs Coffee

Note: This post was written but not before 2 cups of coffee.

  1. My baby/toddler/child fell asleep at (insert any time here) and woke up at (insert anytime here).  I had about 50 other things to get done in between.
  2. At least I have my brains, at least I have my wit…after I’ve had my coffee.
  3. The options are endless. Hot or Cold, as much sugar and fat, or not, as you want/need. There is not a wrong time to partake. It is never too early or too late for a cup of coffee.
  4. It is like hugging yourself from the inside. I get by with a little help from my caffeinated beverage of choice. Coffee always cares, and never throws tantrums.

Momma’s Local Favorites:
Cafe Steam: I would highly recommend the Spiced Thai Coffee, get it with whip.
People’s Food Co -op: Ethically sourced and plenty of options to get you through grocery shopping with most your sanity.

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