Review: Oscha Orion Reef

Oscha Orion Reef, 54% coral cotton warp with 46% bamboo. Released August 2013.


The color is perfect, everything I had been searching for as far as coral goes.  I bought this in a size 2, used.  It is incredibly soft, a thin-medium in hand weight.  It is hard to tighten (due to the bamboo) with my big baby, I think a little more length would help.  The pattern makes for a slight bit of grip; if you can get your rails tight, it will not slip too much once you tie off.  It makes for a neat and tidy slip knot.  I would not say that it is diggy but not quite the support needed for extended toddler wearing.
I would use this for a special event or keep it in the diaper bag for quick ups, but not my first choice if I were to get down and dirty.  I sent this off to visit a friend with a newborn, she is loving it.  It is SO soft!!

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