Momma’s Tips for Shopping Chic on the Cheap

I love to save a buck as much as the next momma (hello, baby carrier collector problems).  I also love making attempts at wearing something besides the “Mombie Uniform” of yoga pants and a top knot. I admittedly adore my yoga pants and top knot, but aren’t we all pinning after that Pinterest-worthy, instagrammable OOTD?

Somewhere between my parent’s love for collecting antiques and my ever-growing hippie attempts at greening my lifestyle, I have become somewhat of a thrift store shopaholic.  Below are my tips for finding pieces you will love to wear over and over again, without breaking the bank!

– Know your size!
What is important is knowing what your size looks like. Pay attention to how things fit but not  much attention to the number.  One of my favorite parts of thrifting is that the tag really doesn’t matter – I will usually have things tagged XS – XL in my haul.

– Be inspired!
Have a list of your ISO’s and stick to it.  I recommend looking at your Pinterest board and look for the common thread in your pins.  Knowing what style you are going for will keep you on task and underwhelmed by rack after of rack of “no’s”.

– Ask for help!
Utilize the sale’s team.  Learn the color coding system and inventory cycling schedule.  Know the lay of the shop and recognize the sale tags, you will be able to get in and out quicker and maximize your savings.

Things to Avoid:
– Trendy pieces.  If it fits and you love it, it’s a keeper.
– Very well-loved pieces (shabby, stained, etc…) Don’t settle for over-worn, there are tons of like-new pieces, keep digging.
– Ill-fitting pieces.  Maybe you love it on the hanger, but if it doesn’t fit let it go. You will likely not lose those 5 pounds or make it to your “Mother-In Laws highly recommended tailor”; your pennies will be better spent elsewhere.

My biggest amateur mistake: buying everything you sort- of- like, getting wrapped up in “but it’s such a good deal!!!”.  Only buy something you love, it is well worth it to have a closet full of few, treasure-like pieces than to take home everything you find.

Now, go clean out your closet!  Bring in a box/bag/bin of your old favorites for a coupon  and have fun!  Look for a post in the near future about my experience with ARC Value Village Thrift Stylist Service.

Momma’s Local Favorites:
Clothes Mentor of Rochester

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